Summer-Fall 2016

Standards Update

A number of standards relating to accreditation and certification are in development.

Dougherty Elected IAAC Chair

At the 21st IAAC General Assembly held in Lima, Peru, ANAB's Randy Dougherty was elected chair of IAAC.

ANAB Extends IAAC MLA for ISO 13485

IAAC has approved ANAB as a member of the IAAC MLA for medical devices.

ASQ Conference on Quality Standards

ASQ's International Conference on Quality Standards will be held November 14-15, 201, in Pittsburgh, PA.

ANSI Hosts World Standards Week

ANSI will hold an international standards competition October 24 as part of the World Standards Week celebration.

ISO/IEC 17025 Training in Spanish

ANAB will offer training on internal auditing to ISO/IEC 17025 for Spanish speakers.

Follow ANAB on Social Media

You can join more than 10,000 people following ANAB on social media.

Spring 2016

ANAB, ASCLD/LAB Merge Forensics Operations

ANAB signed an affiliation agreement with the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board, merging ASCLD/LAB into ANAB.

ANAB and NAME Form Alliance

ANAB and the National Association of Medical Examiners have formed a strategic alliance whereby ANAB will administer the NAME accreditation program.

World Accreditation Day 2016

"Accreditation: A Global Tool to Support Public Policy" is the them for World Accreditation Day 2016 on June 9. ILAC and IAF offer information and material to support your celebration.


IAAC recently approved ANAB as a member of the IAAC multilateral recognition arrangements for accreditation of food safety management systems certification bodies and information security management systems certification bodies.

Work Continues on RMP Standard

JWG 43 recently convened in Geneva to move forward many revision comments on what will be ISO 17034.

ANAB Provides Training, Accreditation in Russia

Training, accreditation, and sightseeing were all part of a recent trip to the Russian Federation by ANAB's Bill Hirt.

Is a Signed Audit Report Necessary?

ASQ's Ask the Experts feature provides information and practical advice in response to quality-related questions.

ANSI Seeks Comments on Organizational Governance

ISO has circulated a proposal for a new field of activity on organizational governance and ANSI invites stakeholders to submit comments on the proposal by July 1.

News from ILAC

A recent ILAC newsletter features stories about the early days of ILAC, World Accreditation Day 2016, and a rundown of international and regional news.

Winter 2016

Government Embraces Accreditation Infrastructure

OMB Circular A-119 directs government agencies to rely on existing standards and the existing infrastructure for certification and accreditation in lieu of creating unique requirements and processes that duplicate private-sector efforts.

ANAB Acquires L-A-B

ANAB acquired Accreditation Services Bureau, d.b.a. Laboratory Accreditation Bureau (L-A-B) in December 2015.

EPA: Recycling Standards Well Implemented

An EPA study on certification programs for electronic waste recyclers found the standards are being implemented by auditors with thorough knowledge of the standards.

ANAB Hosts CNAS for Information Exchange

ANAB recently hosted Fu Zhigao of the China National Accreditation Service to exchange information on accreditation of management systems certification bodies in the interest of identifying opportunities for improvement.

ANAB Training for Cannabis Testing Labs

Join ANAB for the “Accreditation for Cannabis Testing Laboratories” webinar on May 10, 2016.

Validating Methods, Procedures, and Instructions for ISO/IEC 17025

Quality Digest featured an article on "Validating Methods, Procedures, and Instructions for ISO/IEC 17025" by Randy Long, Calibration Program Manager with L-A-B.

Change in Management of SEP Program

ANAB is assuming management responsibilities for the ANSI/MSE 50021 Superior Energy Performance verification body accreditation program.

BERM 14 Retrospective

The 14th BERM symposium held in October 2015 was a resounding success, both scientifically and socially.

Feedback on ANAB BERM Presentation

Bill Koch spoke on “Controversial Issues with RMP Accreditations” at the 2015 BERM conference, an international meeting held every three years and featuring presentations by national metrology institutes.


Smart Cities Working Group Launched

ANSI, NIST, and partners launch a new working group to define common architectural principles and a vocabulary for smart cities.

2016 World Conference on Quality and Improvement

"Quality Expanded: In the profession, through the organization, and around the world" is the them for ASQ’s 2016 World Conference on Quality and Improvement, which will be held May 16-18 in Milwaukee, WI.

Summer-Fall 2015

17025 Revision

At the first meeting of WG 44, basic decisions were made for the format of the ISO/IEC 17025 revision, as ISO/CASCO has standardized the format and basic content of standards.

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 Revs

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 were recently published and ANAB is working to ensure certification bodies are ready to transition their certified clients.


Find out the status of conformity assessment standards.

DOC Roundtable

ANAB was among the participants at a recent U.S. Department of Commerce-sponsored roundtable to gather data on European Union accreditation and related issues.

Training Opportunities

Gain the knowledge and skills you need through ANAB training.

PR Forensic Lab Accredited

The Institute of Forensic Science of Puerto Rico forensic toxicology laboratory was recently honored for achieving ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

CSU Article Quotes ANAB

ANAB's Pat Bencivenga is quoted in an Inside Standards article about the Arlington, TX, Police Department Crime Scene Unit being accredited by ANAB to ISO/IEC 17020.

World Standards Day

ANSI and NIST welcomed more than 230 members of the conformity assessment community to the U.S. celebration of World Standards Day 2015.

World Quality Month

ASQ encourages everyone to join the Global Quality Community in celebrating the 6th Annual World Quality Month this November.

2014 ISO Survey

The latest ISO Survey of Certifications reveals a continuing trend of moderate growth in the number of certificates for almost all the management systems standards covered by the survey.

Read Our Blog?

ANAB's blog is one of many features on our website intended to provide you with useful information related to accreditation.

Spring 2015

DHS Recognizes ANAB

ANAB is recognized by the Department of Homeland Security as an accrediting body for the Project 25 Compliance Assessment Program.

World Accreditation Day

This year's World Accreditation Day will be celebrated worldwide on June 9.

Requirements for DoD ELAP

ANAB is implementing new requirements for the DoD Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program.

Requirements for WA Scheduling

ANAB-accredited certification bodies have new requirements for witnessed audit scheduling as detailed in Accreditation Rule 18, effective June 1.

Root Cause Analysis

ANAB Accreditation Manager Kelly Feist discusses root cause analysis.

Training Opportunities

Gain the knowledge and skills you need through ANAB training.

Road Traffic Safety Program

ANAB has a new accreditation program for road traffic safety management systems based on ISO 39001.

ANAB Welcomes IAJapan

ANAB recently hosted IA Japan for an information exchange at ANAB's Alexandria, VA, office.

Future of Quality

A collection of essays from leading thinkers in areas of import and interest to today's and tomorrow's quality practitioners is available from ASQ.

Come Visit ANAB

ANAB will be an exhibitor at a number of upcoming conferences.


ISO/CASCO provided status updates on the revisions of a number standards.

Winter 2015

ANAB Celebrates 25 Years

Being in business for 25 years was cause for a December 10, 2014, celebration for ANAB.

ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO/IEC 17020 for Forensics?

What's the difference between ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020 for forensic agencies?

New Documents for Lab-related Programs

Heads Up 34 for laboratory- and forensics-related programs explains document changes related to the move to a single brand.

ANAB Employee Promotions

ANAB's Erica Collins and Donna Reinke have been promoted to Customer Support Supervisor.

ANAB Training Covers More Than the Basics

ANAB offers a variety of training courses related to our accreditation programs to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need.

ISO Conformity Assessment Resources

ISO has published a set of useful tools for policy makers, with more resources to come in 2015.

News from CASCO Working Groups

Updates on ISO/CASCO Working Groups 21, 32, 40, 42, 43, and 44.

ASQ and "Going Global"

In a recent blog post, ASQ CEO Bill Troy answers the question, "Why should quality 'go global'?

ANAB Accreditation Also Goes Global

Recent ANAB ISO/IEC 17025 accreditations include the National Food and Drug Administration and Control Laboratory in Lagos, Nigeria, and a private wine and beverage laboratory in Armenia.

ANSI Signs Green Button MOU

ANSI has signed a memorandum of understanding to provide accreditation for the Green Button Interoperability Testing and Certification Authority (ITCA) program for consumer energy-use information.

ARMI Pursues ANAB Accreditation

The Analytical Reference Materials International, a metallurgical reference materials organization, is pursuing ANAB accreditation to ISO Guide 34.

Summer-Fall 2014

Enhance Your Soft Skills

You can't be an effective leader and drive change without soft skills. An ASQ TV episode describes what soft skills are and how mastering them will help you get ahead in your day-to-day relationships and your career.

ANSI Seeks Comments on ISO Forensic Sciences Project Committee

ANSI is seeking comments on the proposed conversion of the ISO Forensic Sciences Project Committee into a Technical Committee.

Training for All Your Needs

ACLASS has training to meet your needs and so does FQS.

ACLASS Accredits USP Lab in Ghana

ACLASS has accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 the Center for Pharmaceutical Advancement and Training, launched in Ghana by the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention to promote access to good quality medicines.

ACLASS Recognized for Ohio Building and Residential Codes

The Ohio Board of Building Standards has indicated that ACLASS is now recognized to accredit testing and calibration laboratories and inspection agencies for the Ohio Building Code and the Residential Code of Ohio.

Greenaway Named to Quality Committee for Forensics

NIST has appointed Keith Greenaway to serve on the Quality Infrastructure Committee of the Organization of Scientific Area Committees.

ACLASS-FQS Sign APLAC MRA for Proficiency Testing

ACLASS and FQS have signed the Asia-Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) mutual recognition arrangement for proficiency testing.

Laboratory Q&A

We've got answers to some recent laboratory accreditation questions.

Spring 2014

Deadline for ANSI Award Nominations

June 27 is the deadline for ANSI leadership and service award nominations.

ASQ Case Study on Clean Approach

A global pharmaceutical drug manufacturer saved time and money using a clean approach. Read the case study.

Minnesota Requires Crime Lab Accreditation

Crime laboratories in Minnesota must become accredited to test drugs or conduct other forensic analysis.<

Greenaway Quoted on Change in Forensic Science

The ACLASS and FQS vice president weighed in a story in the May 12 issue of Chemical & Engineering News.

Training to Meet All Your Needs

ACLASS has training to meet your needs and so does FQS. ANAB has just introduced ISO/IEC 17021 training.

What's New in ISO/CASCO Working Groups?

We've got a rundown on the latest activity of ISO/CASCO working groups.

FQS Accredits Baltimore PD Crime Lab

The eighth largest police department in the United States is now accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020.

World Accreditation Day Webinar

Join us at a World Accreditation Day webinar on Monday, June 9. Learn more about the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board and ANSI webinar.

Winter 2014

ANAB and ANSI Join DoE to Launch National Energy Leadership Initiative

ANAB and ANSI joined the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to implement the Industrial Superior Energy Performance Accelerator.

ISO/CASCO Holds 29th Plenary in Beijing

Last October, 114 delegates representing 37 member bodies and liaison organizations gathered in Beijing, China, for the 29th ISO/CASCO plenary and workshop on conformity assessment.

Energy Efficiency Standardization Roadmap Open for Comment

The ANSI Energy Efficiency Standardization Coordination Collaborative has released for public comment the EESCC Standardization Roadmap V1.0 draft, which outlines 116 action-oriented recommendations to advance energy efficiency in the built environment through standards and conformance activities.

Revised Policy Documents

New revisions of ACLASS and FQS policy documents for all conformity assessments programs are available on the ACLASS and FQS websites.

Update on FQS Desk Audit (RSA) Payment

Don't miss this important information.

Training Opportunities Available

Need training? ACLASS has options. And so does FQS.

ASQ Publishes Discoveries 2013

ASQ's Discoveries 2013 uncovers regional quality trends worldwide and provides benchmark data to help you compare your organization to the current state of quality. Register for free and download the report.

Food Safety News: Accreditation's a Trend for Food Labs

A recent Food Safety News article quotes Keith Greenaway on the value of accreditation for food testing labs.

World Accreditation Day 2014 Announced

World Accreditation Day 2014 will be celebrated on June 9 with a focus on the role accreditation plays in providing confidence in the provision of energy.

DC Forensic Science Lab Earns Accreditation

A recent Food Safety News article quotes Keith Greenaway on the value of accreditation for food testing labs.

APLAC Sponsors RMP Accreditation Workshop

An APLAC workshop on Reference Material Producer Accreditation was held in November in Tokyo.

Accreditation Q&A

What's the difference between a reference standard and a working standard?

NIST Traceability Statements

In many cases, calibration laboratories don't know if NIST traceability exists.

EPA Clarifies Requirements for Energy Star Labs

Are laboratory test reports used for Energy Star certification required to identify the accreditation body that accredited the laboratory?